Chef Seita

Chef Seita 

terra Tokyo Italian

“My Tokyo Italian philosophy continues to inspire me and allows me to share my world with the diner. Every plate reflects the beauty of and my love for Japan’s and Italy’s food traditions.”

Chef Seita Nakahara’s reverence for two of the world’s richest culinary legacies – Japan’s and Italy’s – shines through his dishes, all meticulously crafted for his restaurant’s signature Omakase (literally translated as “leave it to the chef”) and epitomising the unique Tokyo Italian dining experience. 

Having nurtured his love for cooking from an early age, his true culinary journey began over 20 years ago, when he followed his parents to live abroad in Singapore and Taiwan, relishing life amidst new cultures and the opportunity to travel, see and taste more of the the world. But, it was in Singapore where his passion for Italian food began, and where he promised he would one day open his own restaurant. 

With this goal, he worked in Tokyo’s traditional Italian restaurants soon after he finished school. He would then move on to spend four intensive years training in the kitchens of Tuscany, Sicily and Piedmont to learn the intricacies and techniques of Italian cuisine. He returned to Singapore in 2010 to work as Executive Chef in an Italian restaurant and introduced the Tokyo Italian dining concept. In 2013, he entered in Japan’s largest cooking competition RED-U35 and out of the 500 participating Japanese chefs, got into the top five and was the only finalist to present Italian cuisine.

Since opening terra Tokyo Italian in 2015, Chef Seita has become an ambassador of the Tokyo Italian dining experience, remaining steadfast in his passion for his craft. 

He has been sought after for various culinary expeditions and special events, having already worked side by side with a roster of renowned chefs both in Singapore and internationally. Chef Seita also encourages the growth and development of home-grown culinary talents, giving many young, aspiring chefs a solid foundation in techniques and discipline within the fast-paced environment of the kitchen. 



Tokyo-Italian Defined



Tokyo-Italian Defined

The term Tokyo Italian is not a fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines. It is the expression of Chef Seita’s reverence for Shokubunka (the honour of Japanese food culture) and his love for Italian culinary traditions.

As the ambassador for Tokyo Italian cuisine, Chef Seita places this expression as the philosophy at the heart of terra Tokyo Italian.