Tokyo-Italian Defined



Tokyo-Italian Defined


The term Tokyo-Italian is not to be confused with Japanese-Italian. It is not a fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines. It is a culture of dining, a dining experience, a gastronomic interpretation of Seita’s culinary journey. It means remaining faithful to traditional Italian cuisine, using the celebrated fresh ingredients native to Japan that are second to none.

From his time in the kitchens of Italy, Seita dove headfirst into the Italian life and culture. He learned that a dish is delicious if it celebrates and respects the ingredients used to make it. The best dishes are defined by its natural taste, and not perfectly symmetrical slices of artichoke. The best dishes are the brightest because the freshest ingredients are used, giving the truest representation of food; plump red tomatoes, crisp strong basil.

Seita wants you to experience the true taste of food, excellent not because he is technically superior, but because he is in a constant dialogue with the ingredients, and honest to them. The strong connection that he has with the ingredients runs from his knife to your plate.

At terra, Seita marries the traditional rustic and rough style of Italian cooking with fresh Japanese ingredients, finished with attention to detail for which the Japanese are justifiably famous. Each dish will sing of the conversation Seita has with his ingredients.

It is this culture of dining that terra attempts to encapsulate for its diners.

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