The heart of terra Tokyo Italian’s unique dining experience is Chef Seita’s Omakase (translated to “leave it to the chef”). There is no regular menu. Each course is created fresh, relying on the availability of seasonal ingredients hand-picked by Chef Seita himself and air-flown direct from Japan.

The Omakase is the embodiment of Chef Seita’s passion and philosophy of expressing the Japanese food culture in Italian cuisine, perfectly complemented by the restaurant’s selection of fine wines.


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terra Tokyo-Italian embodies the unique Japanese culture of Italian cuisine. Influenced by the four seasons of Japan and a trademark blend of Japanese nuances and foundation, each Chef Seita dish is the materialization of a vision and harmonization of flavours. Our philosophy for the wines experience is based on same undamentals. Here is our story of land with truly unique identity expressed by visionary “vignerons” that will magnified yur experience.

Acclaimed Cuvées

It defines wines selected for their very good quality and authentic taste.

Truly Unique

It defines wines selected for their excellent quality and Truly Unique taste.

Essence of Terroir

It defines wines selected for their exceptional quality. It represents the ultimate wine experience coming from the Essence of the Terroir

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