Japanese food culture in Italian cuisine


Delivering a unique style of Italian cuisine,
inspired by Shokubunka (the honour of Japanese food culture) and a passion for Italian culinary traditions.
Discover this exceptional dining experience, brought to you by Chef Seita Nakahara.

In these uncertain times, I wanted to reach out to reassure you that you are staying well.

Being as an owner, I have thought many times how I can care for my teams and family, what is the best solution for being as healthy and well-being for everyone in my team.
I have shared my thought within the team and discussed.

Now I think it’s important to keep you informed that effective 1 April, 2020 onwards, terra Tokyo Italian will stop working entirely for a month for both Lunch and Dinner.

Being a responsible as an owner of terra Tokyo Italian, I believe this decision will help to reduce new local cases of COVID-19 in Singapore. Singapore is the place for me to grow and would like to help this beautiful place as much as I can. There is nothing I care about more my teams, family’s safety and my loyal customers in Singapore.

We, terra Tokyo Italian will take this opportunity as continue evolving. I would like to remind everyone to be safe and healthy. Please be informed that you can reach me anytime if you have any question.

Once again, thank you for your support, and understanding. terra Tokyo Italian’s door will open as of 1 May, 2020. We all look forward to working with you again with new idea and fresh energy.

Stay healthy and safe

Seita/Chef Owner of terra Tokyo Italian